Each voting page presents 300 photos.
The system is designed to give an equal opportunity by ensuring that all photos receive equal exposure (in relation to when you joined the challenge).

This depends on your 'Exposure Bonus' and 'Boost'.

The voting system is 'blind' so you don't know who you are voting for to avoid a popularity contest where people bring friends to get votes.

*Note - You will not see your photos on the voting page.

In the voting page, it's possible to see the same photo(s) in certain situations:

1) You didn't vote for it.

2) There is a small pool of photos in the challenge at the moment.

3) The photos are new and haven't received any votes/exposure yet (once they receive 1-2 votes they'll move to the "back of the line").

4) You've voted so much that there are not enough new photos in the pool to show you different ones :)