What are Battles?

  • Battles are short and simply competitions against other players to create the best photo. Each battle has a designated theme.

  • Once you've chosen a photo based on that specific theme, you can join a battle with it, aiming to receive the highest number of votes.

  • The player with the most votes on their photo at the end of the battle wins.

  • During a battle, you can earn boosters that will assist you in achieving more votes for your photo.

  • At the end of the battle, based on how you ranked, you’ll receive a reward in the form of stars, which will help you to complete galleries.


  • Voting helps you become a better, more competitive player in each battle played.

  • In every battle you'll see two pictures side by side (at the bottom of the screen). You’ll need to pick the one you think got more votes from the entire game’s community (which one people liked more).

  • Vote Streak progress - every time you choose correctly, you'll make progress on your "Vote Streak" bar. This bar keeps track of how many times you've chosen right.

  • Completing the Vote Streak - each Vote Streak has a number of correct choices needed to finish it. To complete it, you must choose correctly IN A ROW. 

  • Boosters as Rewards: When you successfully complete a Vote Streak, you'll be rewarded with a Booster to help you in the game.

  • Watch Out! If you happen to choose incorrectly, your Vote Streak will start over, so be careful with your choices!


  • Boosters help you become a more competitive player in every Battle.

  • Turbo Booster: With the Turbo booster, you can give your photo a boost by making more people see your photo, increasing your chances to get more Votes on it.

  • Freeze Booster: The Freeze booster lets you pick another player and temporarily pause (or Freeze) their Votes.

  • Shield Booster: The Shield booster keeps you safe from others trying to Freeze your Votes. You can accumulate several Shields, each one protecting you from a potential Freeze. Every Freeze done on you removes 1 Shield.

  • Earning Boosters - remember, you can earn all three of these powerful Boosters by completing "Vote Streaks."


  • Galleries are levels in the game that you need to complete.

  • Completing Galleries is achieved by earning enough Stars (displayed on the Gallery’s progress bar).

  • Each photo you hang adds the corresponding amount of stars to the gallery’s progress bar.

  • Once the progress bar is full, the gallery is then complete, and you'll receive amazing rewards!

  • After completing the current gallery, a new gallery will be unlocked.

 What are Coins?

  • Coins allow you to participate in battles (each battle has a joining cost in Coins).

  • When you join a battle, the corresponding amount of Coins is deducted from your coins’ balance.

  • You can acquire coins by completing galleries, collecting your Visitors Bonus, or purchasing them in the game’s Store.

Visitors Bonus

  • You can get more coins by collecting your Visitors Bonus every hour.

  • To collect your Visitors Bonus, you need to go to your gallery’s screen.

  • To reach the Gallery screen, you can press on the galleries icon located at the top right of the battles main screen.

  • Once in COLLECT state, you can collect your Visitors Bonus and enjoy some free Coins!


How can I purchase coins?

  • To purchase coins, you need to visit the game’s store.

  • To reach the store, tap on your coins at the top right corner (when inside the battles feature screen).

  • There, you can select the available coin package you want to purchase and continue through with the Google or Apple payment process.

  • You will receive your package contents after Google or Apple confirms your payment.