Start stacking up achievements by participating in challenges - the more challenges you join, the greater your chances are of receiving an achievement.

What are Star Levels?
Every time you accumulate a certain amount of achievements of the same type, you’ll gain a star for that achievement. Each achievement has its own count needed to increase the Star Level for that achievements (based on difficulty).

How do I advance to new Star Levels?
Each achievement has a different threshold that needs to be reached to progress to the next level. Click on the achievement and check the progression requirements to see what’s necessary in order to level up. Accumulate stars to start progressing to new ranks.

Viewing your achievements

We have categorized all the achievements we currently have and made them visible to all. If you have an achievement, by clicking on the icon you will be able to see how many more you need to advance to the next Star Level as well as all the challenges in which you earned this achievement. Click on the ? icon per achievement to see the thresholds for each Star level.

Notes about this feature:

  1. We have removed the 5% achievement, if you received a 5% achievement in the past it is now combined with the 10% achievement
  2. Premier, Popular and Skilled are no longer achievements. You may see your overall achievement count will be lower as a result - these are no longer being counted.
  3. We have combined all Event achievements into one Event achievement. The reason we did this is that some events are no longer being used. For instance GS Points Event. We don't want an achievement that others can't earn. In addition, we want the achievement itself to be something that can be earned without having to reduce your ability. For instance, requiring a 3rd place finish. 

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