What are GS Leagues?

GS Leagues are similar to sports leagues. It's a Leaderboard that ranks you using GS Points you earn from every Challenge you join.

Every week there is a season and your rank will change based on the GS Points you earned in that season. Check the time left per season in the GS League leaderboard.

As you move up or down Leagues, the badge next to your profile will change.

How am I ranked in GS Leagues?

You earn GS Points as you Level Up in a challenge and at the end of every challenge based on the achievements you earned.

The more GS Points you earn the higher your rank in the League during a season (Info about GS Points). At the end of a season your League will be promoted, you will stay in the same league or drop to the one below.

What Leagues are available?

Check the next tab over for all the leagues.

Why am I in this League?

Everyone was assigned a League based on their current status.

Rookie - Veteran: Bronze 1

Expert - Champion: Bronze 2

Master: Bronze 3

All Gurus: Silver 1

After the initial seeding, anyone of any status level can move up or down to any league.

How many people are in my League?

There will be 50 people in each league

What’s the point?

It’s a new way to compete against one another using challenges. We hope you like it and find it a fun way to earn GS Points and show off your talents.

When will the iOS version be live?

We are in development with GS Leagues on iOS. Until we are live, you can login through your mobile browser (chrome, safari, etc) using your username and password.