What are Team Leagues?

Team Leagues are similar to sports leagues. They are a type of Leaderboard that ranks Teams using Team Score in a predetermined period of time, a Season. Teams are divided up into leagues based on the score they achieve each Season. Teams can earn rewards at the end of each season.

What are Seasons?

Seasons are a predetermined length of times in days. The time left in the Season is displayed in each leaderboard. The standard Seasons will last for 7 days, but this length may change from time to time.  At the top of the Leagues page you will see a counter counting down the time left in the season.

How are Teams ranked in Leagues?

Your Team earns a Team Score in every Match. The higher your Team’s Team Score the higher your rank in the League. At the end of each Season, your Team can either be promoted, drop or stay in the same league and your Team Score is restarted from zero for Leagues. But don’t worry, your historic Team Score is saved in the Global Leaderboard, which does not reset.

What Leagues are available?

Currently there are 6 Leagues available (from highest to lowest):

Gold Level 2

Gold Level 1

Silver Level 2

Silver Level 1

Bronze Level 2

Bronze Level 1

New Leagues will open when there are enough Teams available to make them viable. For instance, Gold Level 2 will only open when there are enough Teams in the League.

Initial seeding of Leagues will start with Teams in Bronze Level 2, Bronze Level 1, and Silver Level 2.

How many Teams are in my League?

There are hundreds of Teams in each League. However, you will only see a maximum of 50 other Teams in your League’s Leaderboard. We do this to make Leagues more fun for everyone and to give more rewards to more Teams. 

When are Teams added to the League Leaderboard?

New Teams are added to the Leaderboard when the first Match of their Season is completed.

What happens at the end of a Season (Promotion, Stay in League, Drop League)?

At the end of a Season, your Team will either promote to the next highest League, stay in the same League or drop to the previous lower League. This is determined by your Team’s placement in the League and how many other Teams are in your Leaderboard. 

Each League has a different % of Teams that promote/stay/drop. Higher Leagues will have less Teams advance than lower Leagues.

What happens when a Team is Promoted to a League?

Teams that are promoted at the end of a Season will be placed in the next highest league in the following Season.

What happens when a team Stays in a league?

Staying in a League means your Team neither Promotes nor Drops a League. You will play the next Season in the same League, however the Teams in your Leaderboard may not be the same.

What happens when a team Drops a league?

Dropping a League means your team will play the next Season in a League one lower than the current League. 

What happens if my Team doesn’t play a Match in a Season?

If your Team doesn’t play a Match in a Season your Team will drop to the next lowest League. However, we do not let Teams drop below Level 1 to the previous medal color. For example, if your Team is in Silver Level 2 and you don’t play a Match in a Season, your Team will drop to Silver Level 1. If you don’t play in the following Season, your Team will stay in Silver Level 1 and not drop to Bronze Level 2.

How do we assign Teams to the League Leaderboards?

On launch of Team Leagues, a Team’s ranking in the Global Leaderboard will determine which League each Team will be placed. After the initial seeding, all new Teams will start from Bronze Level 1.

How does a Team earn rewards?

Rewards are earned by all members of a Team at the end of each Season. A unique reward is given to each Team in 1st (Gold Chest), 2nd (Silver Chest), and 3rd (Bronze Chest) places. In addition, a smaller reward is given to Teams that get Promoted (Metal Vault) a League and another reward for Teams that Stay (Wood Box) in their League. Teams that Drop a League will not be rewarded. 

What rewards are given in each Chest?

Rewards will be Keys, Fills and Swaps in varying amounts depending on the value of the Chest and in what League the Chest was earned.

Who gets the reward?

Rewards are given to all Team members that were in the Team during the Season and who are still in the Team at the end of the Season. The reward must be claimed before the end of the next Season. Missed rewards will not be returned.

How are Leagues different from the previous Leaderboard?

The previous Leaderboard (now called Global Leaderboard) was a running count of every Team’s Team Score. The goal of the Global Leaderboard is to give all Teams a picture of where they stand amongst all the other Teams in GuruShots. Leagues are smaller Leaderboards where League status is the goal - and getting rewards!

Are Teams automatically entered into a League?
Yes, all Teams that take part in a match are added to a League, however, playing Leagues is 100% voluntary. 

Is there a limitation on amount of matches per season?

Yes, every team will be able to play a maximum of 21 matches per season. If your team plays more than 21 matches, your score will not be counted towards the season's total score.