What is a Team?

A Team consists of up to 20 GuruShots members who have teamed up to compete against other Teams in Team vs Team Matches. A Team has at least one Team leader.

Are there restrictions on who can join a Team?

There is a minimum required status level defined by the Team Leader when s/he creates the Team. The Team Leader can also decide to remove a member from the Team. In addition, once a Team has reached 20 members it is full and can no longer be joined.

What is a Match?

A Match is a collaborative Team vs Team competition. The Team with the highest number of total votes in the match wins the match.

How do I start a Match?

First, your Team must select a challenge. Only Team Leaders can select a Match.

How to add someone to my Team?

You can invite a member to your team by clicking on "Invite". The challenge link will then be copied to your clipboard and you can simply send the link to your friend to join.

We selected a Challenge for the Match, now what?

Once a Team Leader has selected a Match, you will need 3 team members to join the challenge. Then we will find another Team and the Match will begin.

How do Teams win a Match?

Individual Team members join the challenge selected by the Team Leader/s. Votes received by the individual Team members sum up to Total Votes for the Team. The Team with the highest number of total votes in the Match wins the Match.

What is Team Score?

The Team Score represents the number of points the Team has accumulated by participating in Matches. Winning a match adds the following points to the Team Score: Winning Team total votes / Losing Team total votes * 1000. Losing a match adds the following points to the Team score: Winning Team total votes / Losing Team total votes * 500.

What is the role of the Team Leader/s?

The Team Leader is responsible for selecting the challenges that appear in the Team Matches. S/he can also remove a Team member from the Team as well as make other members Team Leaders. There may be more than one Team Leader in a Team. The member who created the Team is automatically the Team Leader.

What does the Black Star on Team member avatars represent?

The black star indicates that the Team member is a Team Leader.

What if I want to leave a Match?

Once a Match is selected, your Team can not leave the Match. You will have to wait until the Challenge has ended to select a new Match.

What are Active and Standby members?

If your Team has 5 members in a Match and the other Team has 10, then only the top 5 members of the other Team will be “Active” in the match. Only Active members will have their votes counted towards the total number of votes.

How are votes counted?

Votes are taken from the challenge.

What are Team Points? What is the star next to the Active and Inactive members?

This signifies the Team Points each team member has earned. By participating in a Match, each Team member will receive Team Points.

What if I don’t have relevant photos for the Match?

You can either sit out the match or take new photos for the Match. If you sit out the Match, you will not accumulate Team Points.

How are Teams chosen to compete against each other in a Match?

GuruShots matches up the Teams automatically.

However, you will only be matched up against a team in the same league, one league lower, or one league above your own league.

*You will only play against the same team a maximum of 2 matches per season.

Can I see the results of Matches that already ended?

Yes, you can view the Match History.

How many Teams can I be a member of at any given time?

Only one Team at any given time.

How do I leave a Team?

There are three vertical dots at the top of this page. Click on that and then select “Leave Team.”

What happens when I leave a Team?

You will see a list of other Teams you can join.

Why should I participate in Matches? How does it benefit me?

Teams and Matches are a new fun, social and collaborative way to participate in GuruShots. Connect and chat with people from all over the world and make new friends.

What are Team Leagues?

To read more about Team Leagues checkout the FAQ!