What is a Swap?

The Swap function allows you to test different images in challenges to see which works best.
use the swap function to go beyond the submission limit to test and choose your strongest set of photos.

Why use Swap?

Use Swap to discover which of your photos perform best and improve your chances to get ahead.

Swap a photo with a low number of votes for a new one.

Your votes aren't lost, you can swap the photo back at any time along with its previous vote count.

Also, Swapping is an essential part of the game! learn how to earn Successful Swap achievements here

How to Swap?

In your "My Challenges" dashboard, each challenge will show an individual swap button.

1. Click the swap button
2. Select the photo you want to swap out

3. Choose a photo to replace it, you can upload a new photo or select one from your existing gallery

4. Confirm Swap

If a photo is Swapped out the votes it accumulated are removed from the total vote count but you can always swap it back in with the number of votes it had previously gained.

Successful Swap

A Successful Swap is an achievement that is granted to users once the photo they swapped into a challenge gained more votes than the photo is replaced by at least 50 Votes.

How it Works:

  1. After submitting a photo to a challenge it must earn at least 20 votes to be eligible for a Successful Swap.
  2. Once you Swap in a new photo instead of an eligible one, the new photo needs to earn at least 50 votes or more.


A photo gained 20 votes in a challenge --> Swap it for a new photo--> The new photo gained at least 71 votes = Get a Successful Swap!