Gurus which have the privilege of running challenges are expected to give out Guru's Picks & Guru's Top Pick.

Please note, the option to manage challenges is visible on the web version only (not on the apps).

If no Guru's Picks are given until a few hours before the end of the challenge, you will receive a reminder via email.

If no picks are given until 2 hours before the end time, a GuruShots Admin will give the Guru's Picks and Guru's Top Pick winner instead of the challenge Guru.

In that case, the guru's privilege to run future challenge will be suspended.

If the challenge Guru doesn't comply with the guidelines (Running Challenges), their permissions to run new challenges will be removed. 

Also, if a Guru is found to give out Guru Picks based on solicitation, their permissions to run new challenges will be removed.

GuruShots also reserves the right to close the accounts of the Guru and Guru’s pick receiver.

Guru Picks

  • Pick a total of 100 photos.

  • It's preferable to choose Top Pick Winner up to 2 hours before the challenge closes.

  • No porn/spam/abusive/offensive picks - we have a zero-tolerance approach to this. 

  • GuruShots does not condone the abuse of power - Giving picks in an unsporty or unfair manner may result in a guru being banned from running challenges.

  • We may remove a pick if it does not align with the general theme or is not appropriate. 

  • Choose excellent photos - as a Guru it is up to you to ensure that the photos you select represent the quality you would expect from the GS community.