Almost all Achievements are earned at the end of a challenge after the final rank of the challenge has been calculated. You can only receive one achievement per challenge which is the highest from the list below (which is also their hierarchy). This does not include GuruPick, Successful Swap, and Elite/All Star Level achievements, which can all be earned in addition to the following achievements - and are awarded when it happens.

Achievement hierarchy:

Top Photographer (will appear on all of your photos which were in the challenge when it ended)

Top Photo (will only appear in your highest photo in the challenge when it ended)

Top 10 Overall photographer

Top 10 Overall Photo

Top 100 Overall photographer

Top 100 Overall Top Photo

Top 10% Overall photographer

Top 10% Overall Top Photo

Top 20% Overall photographer

Top 30% Overall photographer

Top 20% Overall Top Photo

Top 30% Overall Top Photo