- Adult content includes nudity or partial nudity with sexual implications.

Breasts in the context of breast-feeding or showing post-mastectomy scarring are not considered adult content.

- Adult Content may also include disturbing images that contain violence or blood.

- Adult Content also includes nudity or partial nudity of children and minors.

Please note, every new image that is uploaded to GuruShots will be checked to see if it is an adult or not. If your image is considered Adult, it will pass another verification to determine if it is pornographic. If found to be pornographic, your image or account will be deleted automatically. 

If you believe your image was deleted unfairly, please contact support so we can assist you.


What is considered Pornographic?

An image is considered Pornographic if it shows any of the below 

  1. Male or female genitalia
  2. Sexual acts (even if no genitalia are present)
  3. Sexual bodily fluids (even if there is no nudity in the photo) 

Unsuitable and Pornographic Content

GuruShots reserves the right to determine if any photo(s) content is offensive and remove it from the site.

If this type of content is found on your account, photos or your account and content will be deleted.